prudence is my supervisor, co worker, judge and a part time model.  she is my 9 year old black cat and is full of personality. i brought her home in 2016, the SPCA told me she was very quiet and timid, but now she is very loud and sassy. she loves it in our new place because she can go outside on our patio and roll around in the sunshine. 

fun facts about prudence:

she does not like it when humans are standing around not doing anything, she starts to meow at us

she dramatically leaps off my husband if she's snuggling with him when i'm not around, as though she believes they are having some kind of illicit affair

she doesn't like to sleep on our bed when we are in it

she is terrified of the sound of plastic bags

other names we call her: prunes, prune balloon, prune balloon of doom, hamburger, lil bb, prubert, prudential, prudential asset management, the prube, sir prune, lil pooper

she usually doesn't mind when i put earrings on her, but there are definitely days when she is not in the mood to model!

she isn't really interested in my beads or threads, and usually just bugs me while i'm beading because she wants to be petted

she often seems deeply judgemental/dissatisfied with her wonderful life, but i'm sure she is very happy/believes it's her birthright to be so loved and adored

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