a few examples of my previous work. please visit my instagram to see my entire body of work. 

wiágiwa qowta - spring season full moon . made with approx. 4000 high quality sz 10 czec seed beads, they hang 10 inches long. these earrings are about celebrating spring time full moon. they are about cleansing, new beginning, connection to our Ancestors and resilience and joy. 

gux dema - universe collection. this collection is inspired by the universe, indigenous ways of knowing the world around us in ways we can and cannot always put into words. connection to ancestors, relatives, everything around us. feeling small and tiny and wondering, and yet also so connected and needed.  

close up of eagle nebula inspired pair


gux dema collection- signature pair. this gigantic rocketship inspired one of a kind pair is wearable art. they are about 12" long. they contain real 24k gold plated accent beads, blue lace agate crystal for extra insight and magic.   


ikaiqela gwisdu - happy colour   
this collection is about happy energy. they are here to remind you of positive things in the world, even in dark times. i hope they carry good energy with them to you.    

🦄 kálhi : dream- unicorn collection🦄 this completely one of a kind collection is about silly, playful fun, but is also a reminder of resilience. joy, play, feeling pleasure are all forms of resistance. resisting colonial weights placed on our bodies.  this collection for me is also about reclaiming things ive lost or things that have been taken from me. remaking and reclaiming things for myself again.  
this is resilience and resistance. remember to feel joy, pleasure, love in spite of colonial messaging telling us otherwise.